• 2 green barraganete bananas
• 1 tin of Pimientos Morrones Dos Caballos (bell peppers)
• Venezuelan plain cheese or chanco cheese to taste (250-300 g recomended)
• Avocado to taste
• Chives to taste
• Tomatoes to taste
• Tomatoe sauce to taste
• Mayonaise to taste
• Oil to fry
• Salt to taste

1.- Cut the tomatoes and chives into small pieces, and cut avocado and pimientos morrones (bell peppers) finely. Keep for a while.

2.- Peel and cut into 4 pieces in a diagonal way each banana. Then fry on médium heat for 10 minutes.

3.- Take out the pieces of banana and crush them with the help of a cup or a kitchen table until you get a semi.flat shape.

4.- Fry the bananas again, until golden and crispy. Then strain the oil on an absobent paper towel.

5.- On each banana Tostón put salt, pimientos morrones (bell peppers), tomatoes, chives and avocado.

6.- Over your preparation grate cheese and add mayonaise and tomatoe sauce to taste.

Delicious Tostones!